Frequently Asked Questions

More information about Cure Leukaemia can be found on our website which is


This £10million fundraising campaign will help to launch a brand new national paediatric clinical trials programme for children to save the lives of children living with blood cancer across the UK.

We are hoping to fill Cure Leukaemia’s 250,000 seater virtual stadium to help raise £10,000,000. 

CLFC’s stadium is entirely virtual and is not a physical stadium. By purchasing a seat, you will be donating £14 to Cure Leukaemia’s fundraising campaign.

All customers will receive a downloadable season ticket graphic via email to save on their phone. 

If you would like a physical season ticket card, customers can request one at the checkout stage with an additional £2.00 P&P charge.

You will be able to purchase seats at the CLFC Virtual Stadium during the month of September, which is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. 

There are currently 250,000 people living in blood cancer in the UK.