Why is football taking on blood cancer?

Blood cancer affects everyone, of any age, and has affected both fans and players in football. So, it’s time to put club rivalries aside, and unite for a common cause to put an end to this illness.

We have seen the likes of Sol Bamba, David Brooks, Carl Ikeme, Stiliyan Petrov, Cure Leukaemia Patron Geoff Thomas MBE and Gary Lineker all have their lives affected by a form of blood cancer with successful outcomes.

However, sadly, former Everton and Liverpool player Gary Ablett lost his life a few years ago, as did former Liverpool Goalkeeper Brad Jones’ son Luca aged just 5 and more recently former Everton player Gary Stevens’ 4 year old son Jack passed away in November. So, there is still so much more we have to do!

We are calling on the football community to unite and forget their rivalries so that when the next diagnosis is made, we will be in a position to give children with this disease the best chance of survival.

This is a global illness, but football is THE global sport, and together, football fans can unite to win this battle.

People currently living with blood cancer in the Uk

There is an established trials network for adults, there is currently NO trials network and research nurse network for children